Why eBay is sometimes more profitable than Amazon…

By Sharon Fussell, November 5, 2015

I have recently noted that an increasing number of stores and banks are allowing charities to place used books onto a table-top or counter to attract donations for their charity.

For example, today in B&Q I donated a sum of money into a container and took three books, all of which looked promising to make money re-selling online.

It does mean that you are picking up books ‘blind’, in that you have no idea of their value.

What’s key is checking for condition prior to picking up, and as soon as you are able to check their value on Amazon, do so.

If the resale value is just too low to make any profit after postage costs, then in the words of Corporal Jones from Dad’s Army, ‘don’t panic’: list the book on eBay, where you may well make more money…

Yes, it’s true: I often sell books on eBay for much higher prices than they would attract on Amazon.

For example: one book I recently sold made a total price of £2.81 on Amazon before fees and postage; but another copy made £5.99 or more on eBay – again before commission and postage costs.

Additionally, I often find that books will sell faster on eBay than on Amazon: by using both sites you do have a double-chance of attracting a buyer and making some profit.

Good luck!
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