How to smooth over negative Amazon feedback from customers

By Sharon Fussell, December 1, 2016

I know feedback is a subject we have discussed many times… and can be quite a contentious issue.

Amazon feedback is rated on a scale of 1-5 by the buyer. 1 and 2 ratings count as ‘negative’ and 3 is ‘neutral’.

You need to attract a 4 or 5 rating to be considered good or very good.

Neutral feedback may as well be negative, as it has the same affect on your seller matrix.

The reason feedback is contentious is because Amazon is not always consistent when it comes to removing comments deemed inappropriate.

On the whole, Amazon don’t like removing comments left by buyers. The idea is feedback gives a true reflection on how buyers rate their service and product.

This is a fallacy and the Amazon feedback system is, in my opinion, not fit for purpose overall.

Feedback comments can be quite amusing – but not when they are inappropriate and affect your seller matrix and online reputation.

I find one of the main reasons buyers leave bad feedback is they believe sellers are ignoring their emails.

I always respond very quickly emails, sometimes minutes after being received. So it is galling to receive bad feedback accused of not replying to customers!

I personally find issues relating to poor communication come about because many customers do not read their emails!

It is very, very frustrating. Having access to buyers’ phone numbers should help, but that’s only useful if they leave real phone numbers and not made up ones!

I often ask Amazon’s customer service to contact the customer on my behalf. This has had mixed results. If a customer doesn’t read their emails, then no matter who sends one, it won’t get read.

So what do you do if a customer has left negative feedback about an issue, denied you the opportunity to put the matter right and won’t respond to your emails?

Firstly – email the customer and try to help them with their issue. If the buyer does not respond, ask Amazon customer service to try and get the comment removed (they expect you to try to contact the buyer first).

One type of comment Amazon are loathe to remove is when it is claimed that an item has not arrived.

If a customer mentions money in the feedback – for example, if claimed the postage charge was too high – then Amazon should remove this type of comment.

Amazon should also remove comments that are personal in nature, rude or abusive.

Sometimes the old ways are the best and if I get no joy with emails or Amazon customer service, I will revert to sending snail mail.

Here is an example of a very successful letter I send to customers. You are free to copy this if you need to!



Re: Order ID [whatever it may be]

I’m writing to you, as for some reason you are failing to read emails sent to you. This is unfortunate as you left feedback stating [whatever it may be].

If you look below [paste and copy emails you have sent them from your message inbox], you can see I can demonstrate I did indeed respond straight away to your enquiry and I am waiting for a reply. Perhaps the email got caught in your spam filter?

Amazon keep records of all correspondence and so I have copied the actual email sent to you below.

I have also contacted Amazon to ring you to ask if you would be so kind and respond to your emails, which to date have had no response.

I fully understand why you left negative feedback believing you have been ignored.

I rely completely on customers replying to emails in relation to any issues and share your frustration at not receiving a response to emails sent.

Although, as you can see, I did in fact respond to you ASAP on [insert date of email].

I hope you will reply to this letter via email and help me to assist with your issue.

Once you are satisfied I have assisted in rectifying the issue, I do hope you will be very kind and give Amazon permission to remove your feedback comment.

I do hope this letter will – at the very least – demonstrate I am keen to assist you. I apologise for any inconvenience and would like to rectify the situation to your complete satisfaction.


[Insert name and business name]


If you help customers then usually they will either remove the comment themselves, or you can ask them to send an email giving Amazon permission to do it on their behalf.

Remember: if you do receive a bad comment, keep it in perspective.

For every bad customer there are usually many more good ones… unless you really are doing something wrong!

And by reaching out to unhappy customers and succeeding in assisting with their issue to their satisfaction, you may even make a friend!


What do you think?

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