Are you using eBay’s Global Shipping Programme?

By Sharon Fussell, November 12, 2015

I recently signed up eBay’s Global Shipping Programme… Today I made two sales: both sales were for different regions in the USA (actually, one of the buyers is called Christina Aguilera – no idea if its THE Christina Aguilera!)

Both buyers used eBay’s Global Shipping Programme to purchase their items. It proved to be quite painless for me.

I just printed an address label in the usual way and took to the Post Office. The items were sent to an eBay centre in the UK. The GSP takes care of all the details relating to the posting, including tracking.

Buyers pay a separate amount direct to the GSP: I have no idea how much it costs! I was paid the same for my item as though it was a UK sale.

If you are unsure what the Global Shipping Programme entails, go to eBay and look up Global Shipping Programme in the ‘help’ section.

In the meantime, here are a few FAQs I have picked out to assist you…

What is the Global Shipping Programme?
eBay explains: ‘The Global Shipping Programme is an easy way for business and private sellers to reach millions more international buyers without having to deal with international postage. Instead, simply post your item to the UK Shipping Centre, where your items will be processed for international delivery. Your item will be sent to your buyer by a fast, reliable international tracked postage provider who will also handle any related customs or other import charges (where applicable for buyers in non-EU countries).

The Global Shipping Programme works by showing international postage costs on your eligible listings to prospective buyers in other countries at no additional cost to you. Your items will be available to buyers in selected EU and non-EU countries.

Do items post faster internationally through the Global Shipping Programme?

Items posted via the Global Shipping Programme generally arrive within 3-5 days in EU and 7-10 days for non-EU destinations after departing the UK Shipping Centre.
How will I know when and where to post the item?

You should send your item to the UK Shipping Centre after you’ve received a ‘Cleared Payment’ email from PayPal.

Does it cost anything extra for sellers to use the Global Shipping Programme?

There are no additional eBay fees for sellers to use the Global Shipping Programme.

How are returns handled for items that were sent through the Global Shipping Programme?

About this very important point, eBay says: ‘Returns from international buyers are not handled through the Global Shipping Programme at this time. Your sales through the Global Shipping Programme are excluded from the UK Managed Returns process.’

What happens if the buyer wants to return an item for an exchange?

You should arrange to send the replacement out using your own international postage provider.

For more on the Global Shipping Programme, be sure to go to eBay’s help pages and search for it…

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