What to do when an address for an order is incomplete…

By Sharon Fussell, October 29, 2015

Today I had to contact Seller Central on Amazon for some assistance, because one of my orders had an incomplete address.

It’s very frustrating when customers do not supply you with the correct address details: it creates delays on my part and (horror of horrors) it can be an expensive mistake to make.

If the error is not noticed and the item goes AWOL in the post after it has not been delivered within the required time frame, then buyers will definitely contact you to enquire as to its whereabouts.

One of the most common errors is that buyers will put the road where they live, but not the house number.

Of course, we sellers do not have access to telephone numbers for the buyer (unlike eBay orders), so if you do suspect an address is wrong, you can’t ring them to confirm their details.

So what can you do to try and determine an address before going to the trouble of contacting customers?

The answer is to use Royal Mail’s online postcode finder, or Google the address to try and determine if you can find the missing details in question.

My personal experience today saw me have no luck with the above solutions, (it turned out in this instance that I could not narrow the address down to less than a row of around 100 houses), so I turned to Amazon for assistance.

Amazon has a live chat forum: I hadn’t noticed this service before, and it proved to be very useful. The Amazon staff member working for Seller Central chat stated they would contact the buyer via telephone, because when buyers make a purchase, they have to put a contact number, which we sellers cannot see, but the Amazon staff can access.

The result is that Amazon will contact the buyer to complete and verify his address details. If not, the order will be cancelled.

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