Why the recent Amazon changes won’t affect you

By Sharon Fussell, January 15, 2014

Recent Amazon ChangesWhen you run your own business, it’s crucial to adapt to its climate, and you should always be on the ball to ensure you adapt to change when necessary.

This is true for small and gigantic organisations alike – such as Amazon and eBay who are constantly evolving to ensure they continue to make profits.

If you use these sites to make extra income, or if you are (like me) reliant on them completely to bring home the bacon, their success is somewhat crucial to you, as it ensures you too have a future using their sites.

But it can be exasperating when the changes they make – often imparted suddenly with little to no warning – can appear adverse.

You can feel a little impotent when you have no control at all when change takes place.

So does this mean that any changes result in throwing in the towel and giving up?

No, it just means you have to adapt the way you operate, to take into account any changes.

For example, on 7 January, Amazon made a new change to the buying procedures on their site.

This impacted on buyers purchasing FBA products: basically Amazon has introduced a minimum spend of £10.

If you spend under this amount, it means adding a postage cost to the product, effectively doubling the cost of many low-priced books, DVDs, and CDs.

At the moment, I am evaluating this change – as 80% of all my FBA items are priced under £10.

To be honest, the change does not appear to be making a difference as yet: buyers are just paying the extra postage charge.

I suspect though that if you are a merchant seller, you may benefit from this change, as some buyers will subsequently choose not order FBA products, and opt instead to buy from market place sellers, to save themselves a couple of pounds or so.

Amazon’s changes do not affect Prime Accounts, and I guess Amazon has made this change to ensure more and more buyers purchase a Prime Account subscription.

How does this recent Amazon change affect you?

If you are reading this and have no notion of what I mean when I mention CPP, it refers to my new course,

CPP is a step-by-step home business opportunity… Literally: you don’t have to leave home to do it; you don’t have to buy any stock and store it in your home; and there’s no trawling around charity shops or car boot sales for bargains.

Just do what I do: copy me and work whilst watching TV. No office required – it’s a fantastic system to earn extra income and can easily be fitted around other ventures you may be doing, and your day job or family commitments.

CPP just might be the change you have been looking for to start 2014 with.

If you are considering or have just purchased , you may be wondering how the recent Amazon change affects you.

Well, in fact, in many ways it makes life easier for you: now you will only choose merchant sellers to fulfill your orders – you can ignore FBA items.

When you carry out your research to find suitable products, ensure you have six UK merchant sellers with the titles you require in the condition you require (namely good or better).

Luckily, Amazon changes will not impact on you too much: the vast majority of CPP-fulfilled orders are by using merchant sellers.

Additionally, if you worry (unnecessarily, I must add) about eBay orders being placed in Amazon packaging, then worry no more: merchant sellers are very unlikely to use Amazon packaging – they tend to use plain jiffy bags.

Also, when no paperwork is enclosed with the order, as per your request, no eBay customer will know that it’s not sent from you. (Although, again, it’s really not an issue should return details which differ from your eBay ID be printed on the packaging).

As I have already stated, Amazon’s changes do not affect Prime Accounts, but of course if you operate commercially, as per , you are unable to take advantage of this great service.

Let’s hope in the near future that Amazon offer a commercial Prime Account – which will essentially mean that for a one-off yearly payment all postage on Amazon and FBA products will be free.

I will keep you updated on any changes – please don’t forget to keep me updated with your Copy Paste Profit, Automated Amazon Profits and Sold Dispatch Now Gold successes.

It’s so rewarding to hear about your progress.


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