How to profit from a spring clean…

By Sharon Fussell, May 7, 2015

It’s spring time! Yes, it’s that time of year that we are supposed to rush about doing spring cleaning and de-cluttering the house!

One way of assisting this clearing the house of unwanted clutter is to sort out books and other media that is often stored in shelves, draws and desks – never read or watched or played with for ages and, in all honesty, will not be again.

So to assist us, companies have sprung up, offering to gives us cash for unwanted media…

Amazon trade-ins: The Amazon trade-in process involves identifying and listing items that have a trade-in value.

Not all items are eligible, and usually involve books and other media such as video games.

You may wish to go through stuff at home: perhaps you have lots of video games the kids have outgrown or clutter that is often kept ‘just in case’, but you will be surprised how the value of trading in unwanted items can accumulate.

I have purchased stationery, books, games and household items from the proceeds of trade-in items.

It’s easy to undertake a trade-in: go to Amazon’s home page and you will see a link to their trade-in centre. You will be able to find an eligible product by inputting the ISBN into the Amazon trade-in search box. (The trade-in centre is actually run by a third party, in affiliation with Amazon.)

Once you have accrued £10 worth of items, you submit your trade-in, print off paperwork, box up the items and take them to the Post Office. It’s free to post.

Once the items reach the trade-in warehouse, they are checked and as long as they meet their approval, the total amount owed to you is converted to an Amazon gift card to use on the system.

If you are aware of my course, Copy Paste Profit, these trade-in vouchers will convert the Amazon gift vouchers into cash. Just follow the bonus report that comes with the course to see how you benefit using the gift cards.

As stated, on Amazon you do not receive cash for your trade-ins: the money accrued is converted into a gift card, but if it’s cash you want then try using alternative trade-in companies that will give you actual cash, either by sending money to your bank account or sending you a cheque.

One of these that I frequently use is Music Magpie: this site usually deals with CDs, DVDs and video games. They pay between a few pennies to pounds for each item.

One time I cashed in books and video games belonging to my sons, who had no further use for them, and I had over £100, which was used to buy a few new games with.


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