A little rant about unfair returns…

By Sharon Fussell, April 30, 2015

None of us like issuing refunds for items sold as described, but ordered from buyers who don’t read descriptions and have unrealistic expectations.

This morning alone I have had two return requests. The buyer on each occasion should not have purchased the respective items, due to the fact these items did not meet their requirements.

Here are the main reasons I find for buyer dissatisfaction, (despite items sold and described in good faith)…

For books categorised in a good or acceptable condition, with names/inscription inside, dust covers missing, or other defects listed in the description, I’ll often get comments like: ‘I want to return this item; the condition is not satisfactory for a gift’.

One buyer ordered a product described as acceptable ‘with comments, highlighting and underlining throughout the book’, but stated: ‘I want to return this item: you sent me a book with comments/underlining and I need it for my exams.’

Is very frustrating, but of course, all we can do as sellers is to enable returns (at our expense) and when possible organise replacement items to suit.

If you describe your product accurately, I don’t see any way you can prevent buyers making orders that are not appropriate for their requirements, despite the fact errors are made because the buyers just did not read the descriptions.

You just have to take it on the chin and accept that most buyers are very good and there will always be one or two that fall short of that.

Buyers hold all the cards and Amazon will always come down in their favour, no matter how unfair the buyer is being, so after getting this rant of my chest, I will carry on with my dispatching and hope all goes OK!


What do you think?

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