If you’re reading these words on your phone, you’ll get this immediately

By Sharon Fussell, October 20, 2016



I received an interesting update from PayPal today concerning my sales transactions made on eBay last month.

All payments to my eBay account come via PayPal. I do not accept any other type of payment.

And according to PayPal, over 50% of my last month’s sales were made using a mobile device.

As far as I can see, people seem to have mobile phones permanently glued to their hands – so I guess it should not surprise me so many orders are purchased this way.

This also demonstrates why eBay and Amazon have made such efforts to optimise their sites’ functionalities for mobile.

This type of presentation affects how eBay listings display – with one notable mobile development meaning listing images have to have a resolution of at least 500 pixels.

Now, if you have been using copy paste profit, (CCP), when you list items that do not have eBay’s stock images,

If you have been using Copy Paste Profit, you will have noticed eBay rejects your listings when you use images that aren’t eBay’s stock fare.

Indeed, I heard from one user of CPP who came to the conclusion this would prevent him using eBay to sell his products.

I did a test and found it was fine – but I know you have to ensure images are a certain minimum size on eBay.

I also have learned how to resize images on the occasions when eBay do reject my images copied from other sites.

How do you resize images? I use my computer’s photo editing system. One is called Paint. I am a bit of a technophobe but I do find Paint simple to use.

You may also be able to download a free program if you have a look around Google. But be very, very, very careful when you download anything from the internet and ensure your security settings and software are up to date. If in doubt, don’t download!

I can see why eBay want you to have images that are clear to use on mobile devices. Buyers want to see what they are purchasing and the larger the image the better.

It could end up that mobile devices ring the death knell for PCs. I rarely use my desktop computer now – I prefer to sit with my laptop while watching TV instead.

I love using my laptop and never use my Kindle for other online activity or to make purchases. For instance, I find it too frustrating not using my mouse to cut and paste.

I’m often astounded how some people don’t use a mouse when using their laptop. I personally cannot stand using the trackpad – I find it too fiddly.

The trackpad is probably fine if you only do short, straightforward transactions on the laptop. But for listing and doing my sales, I find that using the mouse is best.

I have also found I prefer the USB plug-in mouse, with a wire. I used to use a wireless mouse, but I found the battery would expire at crucial moments and – guess what? – I wouldn’t have a spare to hand.

I’ve found mice with wires are more reliable – and also less expensive – and they tend to last much longer too, for some reason. I was always replacing my wireless models, or losing the little USB plugs.

So I don’t care if I am considered a Luddite, I will stick to my plug-in mouse! Well, certainly until the laptop learns to read my mind and transactions just appear on the screen like magic!

It is a little bit scary at the bound and leaps technology makes every day. For example, the use of drones to deliver items will affect sellers using Royal mail as it is so, so much slower.

Expectation is already growing where some buyers expect items to appear before they buy!

Hopefully you will be able to adapt to new changes coming your way. Be alert and take note of eBay and Amazon emails informing you about changes to the way you are required to sell your products.

Adaptation is part of all evolutionary processes and key to the success of your business. So stay up to date… and ahead of the game, if you can!



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