See in the new year with a new stream of income…

By Sharon Fussell, January 8, 2015

I’m sure you’re aware, with the amount of media attention paid to it at this time of year, of the impetus to have a ‘New Year, New YOU’…

It’s probable that one of your New Year resolutions may involve making 2015 the year you eventually make a start on a new course of action to improve your finances.

Christmas is always so expensive and January often leaves a ‘hangover’ with bank balances.

See in the new year with a new stream of income...

See in the new year with a new stream of income…

I know I am always thinking out of the box to try and create new ways of improving income. I really do not want to work ‘harder’ as the more leisure time I get to enjoy being out and about the better – spending time with a new hobby, geocaching, walking in the little sunshine available, ending with a pub lunch in front of the log fire – so I always want to try and create ways to work smarter.

Products often become ‘stale’ and it’s easy to complain when orders stagnate.

I have found over the years that taking a little time to view current inventory, to cull, replace and refresh stock is always a good thing to do to improve sales. That’s why large shopping corporations such as supermarkets are always changing shopping aisles and introducing new products.

One way I have managed to improve income and leave myself more leisure time is through Copy Paste Profit (CPP).

CPP is a 100% online activity – it means you can work at a time to suit you, you don’t have to rush to ‘make the Post Office’ to post out orders, and, in fact, you don’t have to handle a single thing.

The real benefits of CPP do not stop there: there is no stock to purchase to clutter up your home; you can begin with little upfront investment; you don’t need previous experience; you can work to suit your circumstances; and you don’t require an office or spare room.

If over the New Year you purchased Copy Paste Profit, welcome –remember, you are never alone: please do not suffer in silence if you need assistance. I am always happy to help.

That also applies for any of my courses that, perhaps, you may have purchased in the past and never actually started. It’s never too late to begin.

So let me wish you Happy New Year for 2015: I do trust this year will be a prosperous one for you.


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