6 Simple ways to leverage your way to increased income

By Sharon Fussell, July 6, 2012

When it comes to selling books online it is important to use whatever leverage you have at your disposal to ensure that customers choose your book above any competition and in turn create ‘happy customers’.

In a bricks and mortar store customers can build relationships with the owners and will buy from this ‘friend’ time and time again.

But, importantly, loyalty can be brand rather than person-based.

When you sell online the customer does not actually meet with you and build relationships with you as a person. Amazon as a brand will attract customers and this in turn will benefit you when buyers choose Amazon to browse and buy purchases.

How can you then ensure that you optimise the chance of customers buying your products over the products of your competitors when they are selling exactly the same item advertised in exactly the same page at exactly the same time?

You need to use any leverage you can to ensure this happens, but as you do not meet customers face to face, you can only use your feedback to encourage the customer to ‘connect’ to you, trust and buy from you and not the competition.

Top 6 Ways to Make a Happy Customer

1. Always post out your orders speedily, try for the same day or, at the very least, the next working day

2. Enclose a packing slip that includes your contact details with every order

3. Always reply quickly to your emails, respond favourably to any issue or concerns – even if the error is theirs (the old adage ‘the customer is always right’ does apply I’m afraid)

4. Make sure you clean your item, check for loose pages and straighten out turned up corners on individual pages

5. Ensure your item is packed appropriately using clean packaging

6. Describe your item honestly and your customer will not be disappointed

Give a great all-round customer care service – this will be rewarded with great feedback

Remember my mantra:

Happy customers equals good feedback ratings. Good feedback equals increased orders. Increased orders equals increased income.


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