How Amazon gift cards can aid your book-selling business…

By Sharon Fussell, March 12, 2015


Amazon gift cards are useful to use to purchase goods from the Amazon site: you can choose to have an actual card with a gift amount or an online gift card sent via email.

At this point, you might be wondering what Amazon gift cards have to do with book selling!

If you have subscribed to, or have been thinking of, purchasing Copy Paste Profit (CPP), my manual on how to make money 100% online – without storing and handling products and without leaving the comfort of home – you will be aware of the bonus report ‘Synergy’, where I discuss the usefulness of Amazon trade-ins when it comes to using a gift balance to fulfil CPP orders.

How Amazon gift cards can aid your book-selling business...A gift balance is used instead of using credit/debit cards at the point of buying an item. When you first start making one or two transactions for CPP, it’s probably no bother, but when you make several transactions every day, then you may find that your bank statements get cluttered with small amounts every day.Each day I tend to make several small transaction of around £2.81 and when I view my bank statements it does look quite amusing.

Lately though it’s actually been quite a nuisance because the bank has become more and more security conscious.

Of course, that’s good in one sense, but when you get your card frozen several times a week, because the bank is suspicious of the way the card is used to buy several items for £2.81 every day, it becomes a pain in the neck, affecting all types of expenditure, such as food shopping or withdrawing cash from ATMs.

What is the solution? Purchase an Amazon gift cards

It’s possible with payments deposited into your PayPal account from CPP orders to withdraw £50 (or more, of course) from your account and send it to your bank account.

It takes around two hours for the transaction to go through. Then using the £50 in the account, purchase a £50 (or more) Amazon gift card, which is more or less instant.

You can then use the gift balance to purchase your orders. Not only does it save lots of individual transactions cluttering your bank account, it also saves lots of time when making the orders, because Amazon insist on you putting in your card details on every single individual transaction.

Just be careful you double-check the amount before pressing ‘buy’, just in case you have made an error and have not been overcharged.

Sometimes Amazon sends promotions for their gift cards. This week I purchased a £20 gift card and Amazon gave me £5 gift voucher – which turned £20 into £25, thus I can make nearly two transactions for CPP free!

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