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By Sharon Fussell, September 25, 2014


Over the last year or two, you may have noticed promotions for my latest product, Copy Paste Profit (CPP)…

If you have purchased a copy, thank you, and I hope you have taken action to get it up and running.

In the run up to Christmas, CPP is an absolutely perfect way to make some extra income. Like most people, I have often found Christmas fiscally challenging, with three sons and a large extended family.

Copy Paste Profit

Copy Paste Profit

Over the last couple of Christmases I have not had to resort to using a credit card to spread the extra cost – as everything was paid for using cash, all thanks to CPP!

If you are seeking to find the perfect way to increase your income, working part-time along side other ventures or family commitments, here are a few reasons why CPP is the perfect way to create and develop a great home business…

  • CPP is 100% home-business-based: no need to leave home or your sofa!
  • CPP enables you to sell products without handling a single thing.
  • CPP means you do not store goods in your home.
  • CPP will not require you to stand in line at the Post Office.
  • CPP will cost very little to start up – in fact, you wont have to pay any costs upfront!
  • CPP is a simple concept and, once up and running, takes very little time to maintain.

Like all products, there can be concerns in relation to setting up a new venture.

I know that with CPP there may be a few recurring concerns that could have swayed you against pursuing CPP as another stream of income…

CPP requires you to find products on one site and sell them for a higher price on another: a customer can buy from that same site and pay a lower price than yours, so why should a customer pay for your book at a higher price?

Over the last two years, I have found that many customers just do not shop around: they are loyal to the site they prefer to buy from. Many customers do not have the time to cross-reference prices, not only from the same site, but on the same selling page on the same site!

CPP requires lots of price comparing: it’s too time-consuming.

Truth be told, I never ever, ever price compare, EVER: I just ask the price I know will make me a profit once fulfilled. In the last two years I have found it works perfectly.

CPP will ruin my feedback because I am not in control of posting my products.

In the two years I have been doing CPP, I have had several enquiries asking where a book is if it has taken longer than expected to arrive.

Here is a positive feedback rating for a later-than-expected arrival: ‘Late but the fault of the mail – thanks very much’. As you can see, the buyer did not blame me.

CPP will spoil my status as a trusted seller.

Since beginning with CPP I have been awarded PowerSeller status and ‘above standard performance’ status: these awards can only be earned through delivering good business practice; they cannot be bought.

CPP requires you to buy other people’s products: that’s unfair to them.

Over the last two years I have purchased thousands of products from the same few sellers. I am sure they are delighted at the business I bring their way. They certainly haven’t complained!

CPP involves asking higher prices than other sellers offering the same book: how is it possible to make a profit?

In my time doing CPP, I have discovered that customers do not always choose the lowest-priced book. They often take into account other factors, such as feedback. Ironically, I often buy books from the same competition to fulfil my orders and pocket the price difference.

CPP will ruin the relationship with my customers when they discover I have used a third party to send their goods.

I have never found this a problem in any capacity, despite the fact that in many instances, sellers have enclosed paperwork with their personal details inside the packet. No buyer has asked why it differed from my business name.

CPP will spoil my long-standing feedback acquired over many years.

Since launching CPP, my feedback is still 100%. Here are a few comments left recently…

(Remember, I do not handle any products, I am not in control of postage or dispatch and I can only hope items are as described when sent out. Also take note that the buyer could pay much less to buy the product direct – often several pounds less! But they bought through me and do appear happy with the price they paid.)

Great price, fast post!

Excellent fast delivery, thanks. A+++++

Very happy A★★★★★★★★★’

Superb service, quality item, quick delivery, A1 ebayer++++++++++++++

Super quick delivery and great book

Very satisfied with this seller

Thank you very much. Very satisfied customer

Brilliant! Exactly as described – quick postage

Good transaction, book as described

Copy Paste Profit is a sustainable way to make extra income.

Begin now to take advantage of this forthcoming Christmas sales period and use the activity to grow your business over 2015 and the coming years.


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