Why you’re not alone when selling on Amazon…

By Sharon Fussell, September 10, 2015

Selling online is predominately a very solo activity. More often than not, you will not speak directly to customers and you will not even talk to trade retailer either (if all your business is online).

If you have your own website you will provide your own customer service; but if you use sites such as Amazon, helpfully, they provide assistance that you can tap into in order to provide customers with the best possible customer service.

If you do require help with your Amazon venture, how do you access it?

If you go to your Seller Account and look to the top right-hand side of the page, you will see a link to Amazon’s seller help.

You pick a topic from this list:

Seller Account and Settings
Sell On Amazon
Amazon Selling Coach
Marketplace Seller Advice & FAQs
Getting Paid
Fulfilling Orders & Handling Returns
Listing Your Item
Listing Placement
Manage Your Orders
Confirming Dispatch
Delivery Rate and Expectations
Feedback and Performance
A-to-z Guarantee Claims and Chargebacks
Add or edit a product
Fees, Pricing & VAT
Problems with Buyers
Help for Pro Merchants (Experienced & Volume Selling)
Pre-approved Selling
Fulfilment by Amazon
Seller Support Blog
Video Workshop
Using Your Case Log
Selling in Categories
Community Rules

If these options do not fit your query or issue, you can email them via the help section. To be fair, Amazon customer service reply (usually) within a few hours of you sending a ‘case’ request.

They may not always have the answer you want to see, but in the main they give you the information you require to work out how to deal with an issue.

So despite working at home on your own, take heart when you sell using the Amazon site: you are not alone.

Copy Paste Profit

Have you always wanted to work from home selling online but feel barriers prevent you from doing so?

Perhaps you work or have family commitments and don’t have much spare time to invest; you don’t have any spare space to store products; your computer skills are limited; you are not sure what to sell or how to do it; or you don’t have lots of spare cash to invest.

If any of these issues affect you and you would like to make extra income, consider Copy Paste Profit (CPP).

This course will show you how to make money from home in your spare time, no matter what time of day that is.

CPP means ‘No’…

Usually when we use the word ‘no’ it has a negative connotation, but I have made the word ‘no’ into a positive!

No need to be a computer wiz kid, no storage of goods, no going to the post office to post orders, no meeting or speaking to customers, no handling goods – ever, no requirement to spend great amounts for investment, no boss telling you what to do, no reason why you can’t adapt CPP around all other commitments, no reason why you can’t get started as soon as you have read the CPP manual.

Copy Paste Profit has been written using a step-by-step process: all you have to so is copy me!

Take a look: perhaps CPP will make a difference to your life. It has certainly made a difference to mine.


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