Having problems selling on Amazon? Try These Two Solutions…

By Sharon Fussell, March 22, 2012

If you have any issues concerning selling on Amazon don’t suffer in silence! You can always ask for help… and there are two ways of getting it: using seller central and discussion boards.

2 Ways to solve your problems when selling on Amazon

1. Seller Central

Seller Central’s Help section is accessed through your seller account. If you look to the top right hand corner of your seller account you will see a small logo seller help.

If you require support from amazing people this is the place to go. You will see two options seller support via email or by phone. This week I had to use both methods concerning separate issues that were successfully dealt with by seller support. Here’s what happened:

Email support:

I noted with dismay that Amazon had charged a sum of £165 to my account. They stated it was for long term storage fees (this refers to FBA selling).

I knew I was not eligible to pay these fees as I had complied with an email asking me to remove all duplicate listings from my FBA stock before the 15th of February in order to avoid long term charges for my duplicate items.

I contacted Amazon via email and within a few hours they responded with a positive acclamation that indeed I did not have to pay the £165 requested, a refund was made to my account – a successful outcome for me!

The second occasion was due to a buyer leaving negative feedback which stated that she was “inconvenienced into making a return when she purchased a NEW book and was sent a used book”.

After research we noted that the buyer had purchased a used book exactly as described. I at once contacted Amazon to remove the comment as it was unfair due to the buyer making an error.

Initially Seller central replied, frustratingly, via email that they were unable to remove the feedback as it appeared the customer had been sent the wrong item (in essence blaming me). They simply would not recognise that it was the buyers fault the mistake had occurred. (I was not happy with this response from Amazon and as far as I was concerned the issue was far from resolved!)

Help via Telephone:

As a result I requested seller central to ring me concerning this issue.

To request a phone call just complete a simple form including your phone number… normally they ring back extremely quickly so be prepared with the phone nearby.

After Amazon called and I had explained the issue, the feedback was removed within minutes, thankfully, a successful conclusion.

I would recommend that initially you contact seller support via email. However, if you do not get the response you require, then do request a phone call, you are usually contacted by a customer support assistant who then contacts the relevant department concerning your issue. In my experience you’ll tend to get through to staff who just do not seem to live on the same planet as we do, but, with perseverance, you may well get the result you want.

2. Seller Discussion Board

Another place to get support is the seller discussion board.

Regular readers of the ezine will know that I regularly refer to the Amazon seller’s discussion board. This is a forum for Amazon sellers to share ideas discuss events, chat or to have a little moan. You can ask questions and often established sellers will reply and give advice.

If you are unsure how to get to the discussion board go to your sellers account. On the right hand side of the page you will see a link to the seller discussion board. Click on ‘Seller’s Connection.’

To use the board you will be required to register. You do not need to put your selling ID if you do not wish to. You can use your first name or an alias.

Here are Amazon’s rules for using the board:

“What to include:

  • Your posts should focus on topics specific to the board and the thread.
  • Give us honest feedback about the things at which we are succeeding, and constructive criticism about those which can be improved.
  • Ask questions and challenge other sellers.
  • Tell us your great ideas for new features.

What not to include:

Amazon.co.uk is proud to provide this forum for you to air your opinions about selling on our web site. While we appreciate your time and comments, we respectfully request that you follow some general guidelines on what not to post.

  • Do not post profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks.
  • The comments you post must refrain from demonstrating intolerance for or insulting other groups or individuals.
  • Do not intentionally post content that demonstrates little or no relevance to Marketplace issues, or disrupts the effective use of the forums in any way. Post to these forums only in a manner that respects the time and energy of other sellers.
  • Do not include phone numbers, e-mail or physical addresses, or other personal information in your posts.
  • Advertisements or solicitations for external web sites, contests, or other solicitations are not permitted.
  • Avoid posting threads that do not relate to the topic of the board.”

Click here to view the guidelines in full.


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