Continuing with online sales while on holiday can actually free you up even more

By Sharon Fussell, July 28, 2016


If you have been waiting with bated breath to read my eletters over the last few weeks, you can now – finally – breathe again because here it is!

I know it has been a while since I was last in touch – I did warn you there would be a break due to my annual long holiday in France, but this period was extended and I apologise for this.

If you want to blame someone, then you can blame the Welsh football team for being so brilliant in the Euros!

It had been nearly 60 years since Wales qualified for a major tournament and there was no way we were going to miss the fun, especially as it was happening during the same period we take our break. Plus, two of Wales’ group games were down the road (so to speak) from Bergerac, where we had already booked a holiday home the year before, so we were even more handily located.

We had to return home after four weeks away, but within 24 hours were on our way back to France for the next game, the semi final, held in Lyon. Unfortunately, Wales lost this game and failed to make it to the final – but they’d done so well that it was both bitter and sweet to witness such a great occasion.

We booked a gîte in northern France, enabling us to go to the final if we made it to the final stage… but also just have extra time in France, regardless.

All in all we had over six weeks over the on the continent, driving over 4000 miles around France to various games.

Now, quite reasonably, you may wonder what all of this has to do with selling books on Amazon!

As you know, when you work for yourself, your income can be hit if you take a holiday. Normally you will not be paid for any time off from your work. If you have a bricks and mortar shop, you will be unlikely to earn when your shop is closed – unless you have staff.

The same applies to an online shop where you have to post out stock to fulfil orders. In many cases, this loss of income will make it very expensive to go away as you have to budget for that as well as the cost of the holiday.

However, I’ve found a great way to make an income from Amazon where I don’t have to handle any stock and orders are fulfilled by other people. And no, I do not employ staff…

My customers are not even aware I am away as all activity goes on as normal. All I require is my laptop and a wi-fi signal, wherever I travel.

On a couple of occasions the wi-fi signal was out in northern France and storms or bad weather can often affect the Internet reception. But no worries, the local McDonalds still had it and while we may not go there usually, it is fine on odd occasions when you require it.

Of course, when you go away, you really do need to do just that and get away from it all. It is a drag having to work, so as a compromise I only do a couple of hours each day, usually in the morning and evening at set times.

It is worth doing this and not lose out on income. And I still got to do the things we enjoy, such as walking, spending time by the pool, visiting local attractions (I really recommend William the Conqueror’s castle in Falaise, a brilliant way to spend a few hours) and finding a nice bar to watch the world go by…

So spending a short time working each day meant our income was consistent with being at home. And in theory that means we could choose to be in France, or indeed anywhere with Internet access, as much as we like.

If my new way of working is of interest to you, keep a look out in the near future and I could be persuaded to let you into the secret!


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