Improve your earning power in 27 minutes!

By Sharon Fussell, August 3, 2012

Did you know you can always find further support and information on selling on Amazon via their website?

For example Amazon have produced a series of videos that you can access with advice on how to improve your sales techniques.

Amazon’s Video Workshop

To find these videos go to your seller account and Click on ‘help’ situated on the top right hand side of the page. Then on the right hand side of the page scroll down several options to find ‘Video Workshops.’

At present there are three videos:

1. The Amazon Product Detail Page

Here is an overview of the product page on Amazon. It covers the information that should appear on a product page and what influences purchasing decisions; the difference between product information and your listing details; and what to do if you think the product information is incorrect.

Length: 10 minutes – there is an icon you can click to watch.

2. Get Good Feedback With Customer Service

In this video, four Amazon technical support associates answer these questions:

Why is customer service important?
What practices lead to good feedback?
How to get positive feedback with cancelled or returned orders?
What if the customer is angry?
What if the buyer posts negative feedback?

Length: 11 minutes, again look for the watch here icon.

3. Using the Case Log

Learn how to use your Case Log to manage your contacts with Seller Support.

What is a case log?

Whenever you contact Amazon, they produce a ‘case number’, these are saved (or ‘logged’) listed in your seller account for you to read, refer and reply to. The video only lasts 6 minutes and is well worth watching if you are unsure about this feature.

Amazon set great store by good customer service, relations so it is always useful to see just what type of service they require of you. Amazon are keen that all sellers ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’ as them.

Can you tweak the way you provide a service to make a difference to your work practices?

Don’t forget good customer service can improve feedback ratings, good feedback ratings can lead to more sales, more sales equals more income – take a look, you never know, 27 minutes may improve your earning power!

Attention FBA Sellers!

If you have been selling using FBA for longer than a year, you may have become eligible for Long Term Storage Fees.

Amazon’s Headline States: Important Update about the Long Term Storage Programme – Report enhancements to help you effectively manage your inventory (LTSP)

In fact, Amazon’s LTSP happens twice a year in the months of January and August.

Thus Amazons long term storage charges come around again this month. To help you identify which items are eligible for this charge, go to your seller account and click on fulfilment from Amazon reports.

There are two main reports of interest to us:

1. The Inventory Health Report to help you better identify what inventory to take action on.

2. The Recommended Removals Report, to make it easier for you to create a Removal order for your inventory

You are able to keep one ASIN/ISBN per product, duplicates not sold within a time frame of approximately a year will attract a hefty fee.

If you remove duplicate items, as identified in the recommended removal report, before the 15th of August there are no extra charges. You will have the option of having the item returned to you, or destroyed. Both options attract a fee, but to have them returned will cost more than the latter.

Whilst it is a pain to do this, it can help you to keep on top of your inventory. If you wish you can remove any item in the report if you feel one year is enough time to attempt to sell an item.

Personally, I often find that my higher priced, niche items can take much longer than a year to sell and so am reluctant to remove books, especially as I pay less than 1p per book per month for storage fees. FBA gives your item a USP (Unique Selling Point) and you are often able to ask a premium price compared to marketplace sellers. So it can be well worth any wait you may have to sell an item.


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