How to save money on packaging

By Sharon Fussell, April 14, 2016

Have you ever purchased a product on Amazon and after a short time they sent an email asking you to leave feedback on the quality of the packaging?

I have to admit that I think life is just too short to respond to this type of request. Conversely though, perhaps if buyers do find Amazon’s packaging is not up to scratch, then perhaps it is a good idea to report back via feedback.

Mind you, whether they actually take note of individual comments cannot really be assessed by us here.

To be honest, for the most part I am very happy with Amazon’s packaging: sometimes it’s of a higher quality than the product required, but as I always re-use Amazon’s packaging myself, I am not unhappy with this state of affairs!

I find, personally, that Mail Lite bubble wrap bags are fit for purpose for books, DVDs and other type of goods, such as CDs. However, for heavier /weightier products, it might be best to use sturdier packaging, such as cardboard.

You really do not have to splash out and buy expensive cardboard packaging: make up your own cardboard packaging from used boxes, cutting them down to size.

Customers do appreciate it when their order arrives wrapped in good-quality packaging: it makes perfect sense to ensure your orders are well packed; you really do not want to be paying for refunds due to ill-packed goods.

If you have ever watched postal services handle parcels, you will be aware that parcels and packages are thrown around. So it really is in your interest to spend a little time ensuring your orders are well packed.

Let me reiterate – unless you wish to, there is no need to buy expensive packaging if your product does not require it: re-use packaging where possible.

And don’t forget to take into account postage weights and sizes when packing your orders. For example, if you use a Mail Lite envelope, your item might be a large letter when the same product wrapped in cardboard might then become a small package, thereby costing less to send. Every penny saved goes into your pocket; not Royal Mail’s!


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