Look out for my brand new home-business venture – coming soon!

By Sharon Fussell, October 17, 2013

I have been selling books on Amazon for years now…

Of course, since I began selling books on Amazon, there have been quite a few changes.

When I first started, the only method for selling used books was as a merchant seller: the FBA method of selling was not introduced to UK until October 2009.

But, despite various changes, the concept remains the same.

Purchase books off line, and sell them on line for a profit – that’s it in a nut-shell.

Like most business ventures, making money online is something that does get more challenging: adapt or die is the motto for any business.

When I first started to buy books to resell, I could practically buy any type books and profit from them.

Since then, my main adaptation has been to practically ignore popular fiction and concentrate wholly on the non-fiction genre.

When I first began selling on Amazon, it was possible to profit from low-value books priced at 1p book with a postage credit of £2.75. Amazon has since increased the postage credit to £2.80, but it’s virtually impossible to make money from low-value books now.

The main reason for this is the increased cost of posting books via Royal Mail, but there is another major factor that prevents many sellers from pricing books at a profitable level: it’s the culture of some sellers lowering books prices, seemingly to see who can make the least profit!

Of course this has been the case for many years, but there used to be a more level playing-field, because most sellers could make a profit selling low-value books.

But I fear this is no longer true – except if items are very, very lightweight or you sell via FBA.

Merchant sellers cannot price books at less than £2.81 – unlike FBA sellers who can price as low as they wish, often well below £2 each.

With regard to books where supply outstrips demand and the books are priced ridiculously low, to be honest, it’s virtually impossible to compete and make money on Amazon.

Unless I calculate that I can make a profit on books, I do not bother to list them – I discard them.

It was due to discarding my books and looking for alternative online site to sell my books that I discovered a perfect online business, completely by accident..

Coming soon! A brand new business opportunity…

It’s a programme that I have been steadily building over the past year, the success of which has totally amazed me and has led to a brand new online work-from-home venture, which is due to be released very soon.

It’s exciting, fun and is a very genuine way to increase income.

I will show you step-by-step how to copy me: within minutes of reading the manual you can get started.

Just take a peek at some of the benefits:

  • Work from home at times to suit you
  • Work around other commitments
  • No upfront cash required
  • No buying any upfront stock or storing products
  • No handling products at all: that’s right – nada
  • No transport required
  • No previous experience required
  • No need to open a drop-shipping account
  • No need to have your own web-site

It’s nothing to do with writing/selling ebooks, pay-per-click, joint-ventures, gambling, writing blogs or selling website domains…

So what do you need? A computer with an Internet connection and some spare time.

So look out for my brand new home-business venture – out soon!


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