How to locate the best car boot sales near you

By Sharon Fussell, April 17, 2014


How to locate the best car boot sales near youI do hope you are experiencing lovely weather; it makes such a difference and with the onset of spring and promise and expectation of warmth.

And now is the time for events such as local car boots and fetes to take place on a regular basis in your local area.

If these are events you have not thought about attending before, it really is a good idea if you are looking to increase your income.

That’s because you can keep a look out for certain types of products being sold for very low prices and then you can resell them for higher prices online.

To be perfectly honest, much of the stuff sold at car boots is utter junk, and I am often amazed at the audacity of some of the rubbish taken and displayed with the hope or expectation of a sale…

I suppose one man’s junk really is another man’s treasure.

You really do have to be a little wary and be able to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff when strolling around car boot stalls.

If you are planning to attend a large car boot, then it really does pay to be very discriminating and try to home in on goods that fit the profile of easy resale without too much hassle.

Avoid traders: this is usually easy as they tend to have large white vans. Instead, aim for house holders: the best are those that only want to create space and really don’t want to take home the stuff they lugged there, so are usually prepared to ask for low prices. It helps if you have an idea how much you are prepared to pay, and make an offer accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to haggle!

Some of the best hidden treasure is not always on full display, so go through boxes on the floor under or by the side of tables and stalls.

I know there are often stories on TV about how it’s possible to spot rare china or jewellery for example; buy it for a pound or two and resell for thousands.

This is probably true, but unless you know or have awareness on what is valuable, you are unlikely to spot this type of good fortune.

So, here are a few things to look out for when you visit local events such as car boots and school fetes…

  • Games and jigsaws that are wrapped.
  • DVDs that are still wrapped in cellophane, non-fiction topics are usually best.
  • CDs are also good, as well as audio books and self-help topics.

If you have no idea where your local car boots are held, contact your council for a list, look on Facebook, or see if there’s an ad in your local paper or your local library.

I have found this free link to finding car boots sales (be careful though if ever you’re asked to pay for a list of car boots: you will have no idea how up-to-date the list is).

Here’s a list from the above link of the best websites for all things car boot sale…

1. Car Boot Junction 

This is one of the fastest growing car-boot directories, helping you to ‘find car-boot sales local to your area’ and offering ‘some handy advice to both buyers and sellers’.

2. iBootSale A virtual car-boot sale, this site facilitates car boot browsing, haggling and buying from the comfort of your own home.

3. Car Boot Calendar Online listings and the chance to subscribe to a special magazine published five times a year for the dedicated car boot goer. It prides itself on making sure that all information is up-to-date and 100% accurate.


A great site for searching for specific types of car boot sale (cars, antiques, crafts etc), as well as reviews and other car boot details.

5. And last but not least, for a range of tips for car boot buyers and sellers, visit

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