The key to easily profiting from clutter…

By Sharon Fussell, October 31, 2014

In past eletters I have discussed the value of Amazon trade-in gift vouchers, and this week I though it might be worth looking again into the concept of cash or gift cards for unwanted goods – not just at Amazon, but elsewhere too.

I know over the past year alone I have earned hundreds of pounds by trading in media products. There’s no reason why you cannot replicate this too!

The key to easily profiting from clutter...

The key to easily profiting from clutter…

There are different types of trades in to take advantage of…

* Amazon operate in partnership with a third party to take trade-in items and convert the trade-in value to a gift card that can be used to buy goods on Amazon.

* Other companies such as Music Magpie offer cash sent direct to your bank account. I recently send in an albeit-large selection of CDs and DVDs, but had over £90 in cash.

Another way to get cash-in-hand for unwanted products are local companies offering ‘cash for clothes’. Not only do they take clothes, but they also take a range of items: books, DVDs, CDs and other household goods. You are usually paid according to weight. These outlets can often be found in industrial areas.

Going back to Amazon, I recently received this feedback in relation Amazon’s trade-in promotion:

Just thought I’d drop you a quick email re the Amazon trade-in site.
I decided to try it for the first time yesterday, filling a small box with books that had a trade-in value. I posted the parcel, using the Royal Mail free postage label downloaded from Amazon at 13:30 yesterday, and lo and behold, I have just had an email today – barely 24 hours later – informing me that the order has been received, processed and my Amazon gift card created.
Now that’s what I call service!! I shall be on the look out for more books tomorrow.
Keep up the good work.
Kind regards Paul.

It’s usually quite easy to see if your unwanted media products have a trade-in value. Just in-put the ISBN or barcode number into the search engine on the relevant site you wish to use.

You will have an instant response regarding the value of the goods. Often, its only pennies per item, but pennies do mount up.

Amazon have a minimum trade-in value of £10 for free postage using the Post Office or other outlets.

Music Magpie will collect your goods: all you do is box them according to the instructions of the website, which are also emailed to you.

The Amazon gift voucher trade-in does not give you actual cash, but you can trade the value of the gift voucher for goods on Amazon.

If you are aware of my newest product Copy Paste Profit, you will be aware that it is a great way to convert the gift voucher balance to cash in the bank.

Copy Paste Profit is also great method of making an extra income in time for Christmas. It’s 100% online and does not involve handling any products or standing in line at the Post Office. You can work when it suits you, from your sofa, so no office space required.

Why not take a look?

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