Keep this in mind when you’re sourcing products to sell…

By Sharon Fussell, June 18, 2015

When involved with online selling, it’s always beneficial to keep an eye on current affairs. This is especially useful when you are selling media products.

Sometimes you will notice that a particular book title has sold, despite the fact you’ve had it on your shelf for ages. You then discover it’s because the book relates to a particular news story or topic, local or world event, creating a spike in interest where perhaps interest was not so much in demand previously.

For example, in April 2012, interest concerning books and DVDs regarding the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic increased significantly.

Royal births and marriages and anniversaries of royal deaths also create spikes of demand in relation to books or DVDs for that subject.

It’s also good to be aware of TV documentaries which concentrate on a particular person or event in history as well as generally being aware of anniversaries of historic events.

Since coming on holiday to France, there are a number of book topics I would have ensured I was selling to coincide with topical events that have occurred in the past few weeks. If I was at home working, I’d make sure that my listings reflected current trends in spikes of interest.

So here are a list of some of the subjects I would have placed for sale, to try and take advantage of a topical event that creates an upsurge in interest/demand, on Amazon and eBay, including and especially in my Copy Paste Profit strategy…

  • Biographies on Lord Mountbatten – to coincide with Prince Charles’ visit to Northern Ireland.
  • Biographies relating to the life and political career of Chares Kennedy.
  • Biographies relating to actors Christopher Lee and Ron Moody.
  • Music CDs or biographies relating to composer/song writer James Last.
  • Current TV documentaries which create a huge interest, such as historical topics such as BBC 2’s documentary on the Spanish Armada and the Napoleon Bonaparte three-part series on TV at the moment. (Repeat or ‘chance to watch again’ documentaries are also useful to know about.)
  • Reruns of series that cover serial killers such as Rose and Fred West and Ian Brady often create a splurge of sales.
  • This year there are a few topics of interest to keep an eye out for: 1915 battles or events relating to WWI; topics incorporating the end of the WWII in 1945; and the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

So do keep a look out and be are of anniversaries and topical events, thereby allowing yourself to capitalise on spikes of interest that create demand.


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