How to find hungry buyers

By Sharon Fussell, July 13, 2011

I discovered a book site recently where you can list books for free! It’s great if you’re after a way how you can find more buyers. There are no monthly fees and they have low commission rates. One downside is that they don’t take payment as Amazon does on your behalf. You will have to offer a payment method such as Paypal or cheques though.

How to find hungry buyers for your books

Take a look at the site:

This site also offers a free service where you can enter your email and they will send you a list of searches from potential buyers. Apparently the list includes the latest 100 or so book searches that have been placed on the site.

If you’ve a copy of the book that’s being searched you can use the link to offer your copy to the searcher – once the initial contact is made you and the searcher conclude the deal to your mutual satisfaction.

Then you deal direct with the searcher to conclude the deal. It’s nice if you can let Book Lovers Know when you’ve sold a book but it’s not mandatory! For a limited period this service is free and is a great way of selling books you didn’t even know your customers wanted. All you need do is to enter your email.

Fancy Buying Books In Bulk?

I am often asked about buying books in bulk and I have noticed Goldstone books, listing on Amazon and eBay. I note that other sellers on the discussion board seem to hold them in high esteem, so if you like the idea of buying a pallet of books try contacting Goldstones:

Goldstones are an online bookshop based in Wales at the western edge of the Brecon Beacons National park. They stock a huge variety of second-hand books covering every imaginable subject, from rare 19th century books right up to current bestsellers.

They currently have an online inventory of approximately 110,000 titles with over 6000 books being added weekly. They sell via the following sites; Amazon, Abe, Play, Alibris & Ebay. Later this year they will also be opening a normal walk-in bookshop open to the public within their current premises.

They sell wholesale pallets of books and bulk boxes of books to other booksellers. The vast majority of books within the pallets will have ISBNs and so are ideal for Amazon Marketplace sellers to list quickly. They remove all Reader’s Digest condensed books, Book Club editions and Encyclopaedias and take them for recycling.

Happy Bookselling!


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