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By Sharon Fussell, January 29, 2014

Questions and AnswersIf you are a regular reader of my ezines, you will be aware of my exciting new product called (CPP).

It’s been available now for around 8 weeks and I am thrilled with the wonderful feedback I am receiving after such a short time.

This is especially encouraging when you take into account Christmas and how it can have an impact on all good intentions to begin new ventures.

Like all new ventures, there is a learning curve and it is always my intention to ensure that you never feel that you are on your own: that once you have invested in any of my programmes – , and, of course, – that you will not be ignored or left to struggle, should you get stuck or experience any issue whatsoever.

If ever you do need my assistance you can always email using any of the following contacts:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

I am always happy to help.

I have noted a few common queries cropping up from time to time concerning CPP…

Whilst I always reply on an individual basis, I thought it may be of interest to you to read the Question and Answer Forum.

Alternatively, I’ve listed some Q&As below. Perhaps you have wondered about some of these areas but just hadn’t got around to ask…

Q. I purchased your course in December, but have not started yet. I wanted to concentrate on only one genre of book: can you tell me, in your experience,what would be the best type of book to start with?

A. I do think it’s a good idea to concentrate on subjects you know about… Don’t be too specific, or you may find a shortage of low priced books, although this doesn’t matter as long as you price with making a profit in mind.

Q. Are fees taken straight away, or do they wait until the end of each month?

A. This is the great thing: CPP can be started using no up-front cash. Any fees are due every 30 days, retrospectively.

Q. I already have an account to use with CPP, but the name is non-specific to a venture such as this. Does it have to reflect that I’m selling books? If so, can I open another account for this?

A. No need to change the name: it’s up to you completely.

Q. Is the program only for use in the UK? I live in the US. I surely hope your answer is that it will work here. It seems as if it might, because, though some of the screen shots are a bit different, they are not significantly so please advise…

A. I am happy to report that CPP is indeed suited to USA and Canada. Obviously you use ‘.com’ – not ‘’.

Q. I know you have outlined some good categories in which to look for products for CPP, but I wonder if there are any sub-categories which you have had more success in selling?

A. The best way to find suitable products is to look – honestly there are just sooo many. Have you an interest/hobby you could utilise?

Hope that Q&A is interesting for you. Now let me turn my attention to feedback…

It’s really great to receive feedback on your success stories: it’s very heart-warming to share some of these comments with you…

Nigel: ‘I have sold 4 books in my first 2 weeks…’

Stephen: ‘I have sold my first book using your system… All looking good: let’s hope it is the start of many more sales…’

William: ‘Thanks very much for your course, it looks very good and easy. I received your course Friday, it is now Saturday and I have 50 listings and will add more every day. Wish me luck: I am disabled and have plenty of time and this looks like it will work. I have tried other things and lost my money – this is the best money I have ever spent… Thanks again…’

If you have been considering beginning a new venture in 2014, CPP may well just be up your street!

If Nigel, Stephen and William have experienced positive results, you can too – just have a go: with a 30-day trial period, you have got nothing to lose.

This WILL be the year you make a difference to your income!

Until next time…


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  1. Brendan says:

    Dear Sharon,
    Having read your blog , I would love to start a bookselling business, here in Ireland ,would this course be of help to me,? Also do I have to have a website. to promote books, I am a retired sales rep, and a newbie to computers.
    Thank you for your advice.
    Yours sincerely
    Brendan McGrath (Ireland)

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