Cash in on the start of the new university and college term

By Sharon Fussell, October 3, 2013

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Autumn is settling in now and the nights are getting darker much earlier.

Now’s the time to ensure you are up-to-date with price-refreshing your inventory and for ensuring that you have actually listed any Christmas books you have kept back until this time of year.

Already shops and pubs have Christmas attire out, yet we have not had Halloween yet – Christmas does get earlier every year.

I mean why bother putting Christmas stuff away in January? It’s probably a waste of time – why not just leave it out? Think of all the man-hours saved! I know we have to be aware of the time of year, but really: September!? Christmas trees bedecked with baubles in September!?

New university and college terms = text book sales

This week has been a little hectic, as our youngest has just started university: luckily he’s opted to commute from home to university, saving us a fortune.

Although we buy used books, what’s the betting we do not ever see the books he needs? We’ll probably have to fork out a small fortune in new books for his Law and Politics degree.

In fact, students all over will be wanting study books, so if you have any waiting to be listed, get them on the system for sale ASAP.

Study books, reference books, plays – in fact, any book genre used by schools, colleges and universities – will be in demand.

Don’t forget evening classes too: flower arranging, cookery classes, language classes – you get the picture.

Why not check out your local college and research night classes? This will give an idea which type of books will be useful to list. Most areas have a similar type of night classes across the UK.

Don’t worry if the books are not in perfect condition or if they have comments/highlighting/underling – just mention the defects in the comment box.

Other defects that will be ok are owners’ names inside, some older editions, creasing to covers and page corners, etc.

Most study books are very heavy, so do not forget to ensure you have factored in actual postage costs before you list.

Let’s hope Royal Mail do not go on strike between now and Christmas (I know it’s selfish but postage strikes do create havoc and devastate online business).

Many online businesses rely heavily on Christmas trading to make up for lack of trade all year.

I do hope any differences can be settled amicably between Royal Mail and their staff.


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