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By Sharon Fussell, August 13, 2015

August is a strange month: it’s still summer time – people are enjoying summer holidays, home and abroad – yet it’s a time of year when study and reference books sell very well for new school, college and university terms ahead.

Reading lists have been issued to students and many of them like to purchase books in advance to maximise their preparation and to get in early before any rush.

So if you have any study books and reference books waiting to be listed, sort them out and get them on the system!

Here are some titles that are very much in demand now:

  • Penguin essentials
  • Study Skills handbook
  • Critical Skills handbook
  • Student cook books
  • Shakespeare plays

If you are not sure what books are in demand, look online to see if you can find some reading lists issued by colleges etc.

However, be very careful when you sell used study/reference books: make sure you list appropriately and mention any type of defects within the books, especially if there is any highlighting, underlining and hand-written marginal comments.

If your inventory is void of study books, you can still benefit from this demand at this time of year – through my system Copy Paste Profit.

With Copy Paste Profit, there’s:

  • No need to be a computer whiz kid.
  • No storage of goods.
  • No going to the Post Office to dispatch orders.
  • No meeting or speaking to customers.
  • No handling goods – ever!
  • No requirement to spend great amounts for investment.
  • No boss telling you what to do.
  • No reason why you can’t adapt CPP around all other commitments.
  • No reason why you can’t get started as soon as you have read the CPP manual.

Copy Paste Profit has been written using a step-by-step process: all you have to do is copy me!

Take a look and perhaps CPP will make a difference to your life – it has certainly made a difference to mine. Check it out here…


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