Why this type of book is a hot seller right now

By Sharon Fussell, January 27, 2014

I do hope you are having nice weather where you are. It is so changeable at the moment: one minute its cold and the next it’s hot; I don’t know whether to wear summer or winter clothes from day to day.

Nevertheless, we’re past the Summer Solstice, and summer should be here. With that comes the school summer holidays, and before we know it, it’ll be back-to-school time.

I know it’s not even the end of the current school term yet, but now is the time to be looking for unwanted/donated school text-books.

Seek out educational school, university, college books in charity shops, school fates, church bazars, jumbles sales and car boots.

If you can get them in good/reasonable condition they can turn out to be little gems profit-wise.

With school education books, you can often find defects that you may think render them un-saleable, such as:

  • Highlighting
  • Notes/comments
  • Owners’ names inside
  • Creasing to corners and page edges
  • Creasing to covers
  • Out of date

Many text-books quickly become out of date as they are updated on a regular basis.

Don’t worry! They’re still worth picking up.

As I have previously noted, many older editions of some text-books have a trade-in value on Amazon. This can be an easy way to profit: just pack it and send to Amazon’s trade-in company and they send you a gift card to exchange on products available on the Amazon site.

Some students cannot afford updated titles of a text-book, which can often be several pounds more than the older copy. So they will buy the older copy, which can fetch a nice profit for you.

If a book has defects such as highlighting, it can still be sold – just list it as acceptable and list the defects.

If you have a text-book that does not have underlining, highlighting or comments, make sure you mention in the comment box that the book has clean pages. Students are not able to take marked books into exams, so will be glad to order a ‘clean’ book.

Most students don’t mind if there is creasing to covers or page edges: few text-books would be purchased as a birthday gift! So, condition is not as important appearance-wise.

Don’t just look for obvious text-books; look for the following type of book (these type of text-book often make a nice profit and a quick sale)…

  • Plays – even older books containing plays often sell well for good profits
  • Lett Notes
  • York Notes
  • A level revision guides – especially if you find the subject of the revision guides to be for little-known literary works: Shakespeare perhaps, but only the lesser-known plays such as King John, rather than the more obvious Hamlet or Macbeth.

Get any book you find relating to education listed soon, as over the coming weeks they will be sought after for the coming new school term.


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