The key to having good images on your listings…

By Sharon Fussell, November 26, 2015

Images and photographs on your Amazon and eBay listings is something that I’m often asked about…

Amazon enable sellers to upload product pictures onto the system. This is good and bad. Some photos are terrible: blurred, the wrong way up and, on occasion, completely the wrong photograph for the product on the description page.

eBay also insist on photographs on your listings. They provide stock images on some products, but not others. This means that you have to take your own photo of the product you are listing, load onto your computer and upload onto eBay.

Photographs and images have to comply with rules and regulations on both eBay and Amazon. It’s always worth reading the rules before you begin the process of taking and uploading photographs.

Sellers on Amazon have recently been complaining because their images are often being declined when trying to upload – because they have not complied with Amazon’s rules.

Amazon says: ‘When you add a product, you have the option of adding up to eight images to your page. You can do this when you first create the page, or later. You may also contribute images to detail pages of other products you are selling. Images are intended to represent the general characteristics of the product, and not your particular copy. It is not appropriate to use copyrighted images of other individuals or companies for a product detail page.’

Additionally, when formatting your photograph, images must be free of borders, must not have text or typeset, and must be submitted in .jpg or .tif format only.

Products must be recognisable, in focus and well-lit, with detail remaining visible in both the highlights and shadows, with the entire product within the frame, occupying 80% or more of the frame.

Items must be outside of any packaging in the main image. Packaging can be shown in secondary images.

It’s best if the background is simple and clean and does not distract from the product being sold.
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