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By Sharon Fussell, May 19, 2011

When I was an employee, I loved bank holidays; having the time to spend with my family and not having to trudge to work.

Now, as I work from home, I spend time with my family all the time so bank holidays are nothing special – in fact Easter time with its extended bank holiday is quite a nuisance to me! Sales tend to drop, you cannot buy books easily when the shops are closed and if you sell your books and have to post your sales you will find that the post office bank holidays can force you to take a break.

To make it worse there is an extra bank holiday this year and next year (groan).

I guess the best thing about this Easter is having two games of football to look forward to within a couple of days of each other… this year it is very tense for us, with my team being second in the league and trying to hold on to its position for the grand prize of premiership football. Top league football has evaded us for around 40 years, so we hope this year it will happen.

Tips on how to buy and sell your books for cash

If you do have time on your hands in this lovely weather do take advantage of car boots and charity fetes. Take lots of strong bags to carry your books home in and do not be afraid to haggle to get prices as low as possible. I never pay more than 25p per book, but I do purchase quite a few when possible to make it worth the seller’s while.

Avoid traders and go for householders having a clear out. Ignore common fiction and look for niche titles, hobbies, self-help and biographies.

How to place your listings onto Holiday Status

If you are going away you may wish to switch your listings to ‘vacation status’.

Go to your sellers account and click onto to seller account information in ‘settings’, click on listing status and edit. Switch to vacation status. Remember, if you are doing FBA only your merchant listings will be switched off.


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