The key to buying children’s books to sell

By Sharon Fussell, December 5, 2014

One of my biggest types of book sales are children’s books.

I have to admit, at one time I would avoid them as I perceived them as a nuisance with little profitability to make it worth the bother to list.

This of course is ridiculous: it is silly to ignore a whole sector of books.
So when out and about I always take the time to peruse the children book section in charity shops.

The key to buying and selling children's books

The key to buying and selling children’s books

It’s common to have book cases/shelves laden with usually a mismatch of sizes and colours of  children’s books.

You have to be careful when buying children’s books ‘blind’: like any type of book, some are just not worth the effort in buying to resell.

They might be too large or heavy, therefore making them expensive to post and this means there will be little or no profit.

Or laden with defects such as scribbling or previous owner’s names inside: so when buying children’s books to resell, take note that condition is king, because many children’s books are bought by family members for Christmas and birthday gifts and little Sian or Rhys will not be pleased to see that a Harry or Jenny or Sammy pre-owned their book!

Take special interest in old fashioned books such as those by Enid Blyton, books about ballet and horses from past generations: many parents that enjoyed those books when they were little and like the idea of their own children enjoying the same books that were probably thrown out years before so need to be replaced.

Harry Potter titles are still very popular: new generations of kids are in place to read books their mum and dad read in the past.

Roald Dahl’s titles are also very much in demand.

If you can pick up boxed sets in good condition, they are usually sought after with good profits involved.

Some great reasons to buy children’s books to resell are that they are usually cheaper to buy, there’s much demand for popular children’s books, they’re usually easily available in boxes and baskets under book shelves, they can be light to post, and boxed sets can fetch wonderful profits.

Also, don’t forget to look for books with characters from TV – e.g Spot the Dog, Fireman Sam, Charlie and Lola, Peppa Pig, and Noddy.

Touchy-feely baby books are also very popular. As are books with learning content such as numbers or colours.

Again, you do have to be careful of weights and sizes: not all children’s books will fetch high prices, but some are so light to post they will still bring you in a profit after postage.

Very often I will batch children’s titles together into twos or threes and sell them on eBay: the weight of two books may not be any different in postage costs, even when selling for £4.99/£5.99 or higher. When selling a pair on eBay, I make more profit this way than selling them individually for £2.81 on Amazon.

Try to ensure there is a synergy between the books – e.g same topics or same writer, or same type of book such as touchy-feely or pop up.

Of course, if you would like to sell books but have no physical room to store them or don’t like the idea of standing in queues waiting to post orders and hate the idea of rummaging in charity shops and car boots looking for products to sell, you will love the concept of selling without doing any of these things.

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