How to get rid of the Sunday night fear…

By Sharon Fussell, July 9, 2015

This year it’s 10 years since we started selling books on eBay and Amazon: I have to say it’s the best thing we could ever have done.

Over the years we are often asked what is it we do for a living. Most people appear very interested in what we do once we give a nutshell reply: ‘Basically, we buy products, usually books, offline for pennies and sell them for pounds online.’

We have been asked if that an ethical thing to do: not sure why they should think that way, I like to think what we do is ‘ethical recycling’.

Our books go all over the world and hopefully make someone somewhere happy.

I often think that if it wasn’t for sites like Amazon and eBay that enable people to sell used books globally, there would be very unhappy people in the world: they would be wishing they could find a particular book, but they would likely search for years and never succeed in finding the exact book they want in  their own locality, yet usually can be found online for usually very reasonable prices.

So when with a few clicks of the mouse they can find the book they want and within a relatively short while the book gets to them, sometimes from thousands of miles away, it’s quite a phenomenon really.

Although, I guess ‘ethical recycling’ in this way must have a hell of a carbon footprint when sending books all over the globe!

Working for ourselves doing something we enjoy, and from the comfort of our own home, is truly wonderful: it’s great not to have to go through the Monday morning dread. On Sundays we go to a regular pub quiz and I used to think ‘Oh no! I have to be up for work tomorrow’, when I was employed. No such dread anymore, thank goodness, and long may it continue.

Maybe you’d also like to buy and sell products online, but have certain barriers to prevent you…

You work or have family commitments and don’t have much spare time to invest.

You don’t have any spare space to store products.

Your computer skills are limited.

You are not sure what to sell or how to do it.

You don’t have lots of spare cash to invest.

If any of these issues affect you and you would like to make extra income, consider Copy Paste Profit (CPP). This course will show you how to make money from home in your spare time, no matter what time of day that is.

CPP means ‘NO’.

Usually when we use the word ‘NO’ it has a negative connotation, but I have made it into a positive!

  • No need to be a computer whiz kid.No storage of goods.
  • No going to the post office to post orders.
  • No meeting or speaking to customers.
  • No handling goods – ever!!
  • No requirement to spend great amounts for investment.
  • No boss telling you what to do.
  • No reason why you can’t adapt CPP around all other commitments.
  • No reason why you can’t get started as soon as you have read the CPP manual.

Copy Paste Profit has been written using a step-by-step process: all you have to so is copy me!

Take a look and perhaps CPP will make a difference to your life: it has certainly made a difference to mine. Try it today.


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