How to find books to re-sell in the most unlikely of places…

By Sharon Fussell, May 8, 2014


How to find books to re-sell in the most unlikely of places...

How to find books to re-sell in
the most unlikely of places…

When I divulge that I sell books online, in particular on, I am always asked: ‘Where do you get your books from to sell?

I explain there are many places where used books can be picked up quite cheaply.

In fact, once you start to look out for used books, they appear in the most unlikely of places.

Here are some of the venues I have picked up used books from:

  • Charity shops
  • Car boot sales
  • Libraries
  • Summer fetes
  • Christmas bazaars
  • Pubs
  • Guesthouses
  • Hotels
  • Fashion shops
  • Tesco and other supermarkets
  • Cake shops
  • Betting shops

Yes, you have read the last few places correctly: I have indeed purchased books from high street shops other than charity shops…

Usually it’s because they are holding fund-raising events for various charities.

In my local Co-op, there’s been a table with used books on it for quite some months now – it’s become a fixture and looks like it’s not going anywhere soon. All sales are for a local charity.

So it pays to keep an eye out all the time and find books selling in the most unlikely of places.

Of course, when it comes to buying books to resell online, it’s imperative to ensure they are in good condition and suited to your requirements.

Another great way to acquire books cheaply to re-sell, is to look at online sites such as eBay for job lots.

With job lots there’s always the issue of not knowing exactly what you’re getting – but sellers usually do give some detail regarding the amounts of different types or genre of book that comprise the job lot.

Delivery, too, is also a potential issue, unless the listing is local, of course.

I am also always happy to advertise job lots for free using this ezine…

With this in mind, I have included two used book job lots for sale… If either are of interest, please contact them directly…

Books for sale

1 – Over 1,000 mixed books, all in good-to-very-good condition. Mixed fiction and non-fiction, mostly non-fiction. Titles are carefully selected and the lot does not contain old rubbishy books (sic). The asking price is £280, which includes delivery within this price if you live within 300 miles (round-trip) of South Wales. The books have been kept clean and dry in a non-smoking environment: they add up to around 20 banana boxes and have been carefully packed to store. The seller – Michael – needs the space. If this offer is of interest to you, please contact Michael directly on [email protected].

2 – Manchester area: 271 books, 95% soccer, including (roughly) 75 x Manchester United related books, and about 30 x World Cup 1966 related books. If interested, contact John – [email protected].

Good luck and happy hunting!


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