What does Easter mean for your online book sales?

By Sharon Fussell, March 24, 2016

This week you may find a reduction in your orders.

This is why: Easter.

Easter is early this year, which is not always good, because the weather likely to be colder than in April, the usual Easter period.

I am not too sure why Easter represents a reduction in order totals: it happens every year for me, and is always something that struck me as a little strange.

Perhaps it’s because children break up for the school holidays: I guess many buyers go on holiday or have children to look after and so don’t go on the Internet to purchase products.

Though Easter is a religious celebration, like Christmas – but unlike Christmas, people don’t tend to buy gifts, unless they’re chocolate-covered!

Buyers are not going online to buy gifts, so as online sellers, we do not benefit from this holiday period footfall. (Unless you sell chocolate!)
So here are a few tips to get through the Easter period…

  • Use this quite time to refresh prices.
  • Cull long-term unsold products.
  • Try listing stock on alternative online sites.
  • Attend a car boot sale – either sell or buy products.
  • Try to buy in more stock to build your inventory: the more listings you have, the more chance you will make sales once the holiday period passes.
  • And lastly, make sure you use some of the holiday to spend the time with family!

Happy Easter!


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