How to continue to make money from the beach…

By Sharon Fussell, June 10, 2015

Here we are again: into holiday season, when many buyers are looking for book to take on holiday – be it fiction, non-fiction, biography or autobiography.

If you’re planning on going on holiday, you may wish to put your Amazon listings on hold whilst you’re away. You can do this by making your inventory inactive. This is easy to do via your seller account.

eBay also enable you to put your listings on hold – they will not be seen by customers. Or you can leave them available to purchase and leave a message on your listings that informs buyers that the order will not be posted until you return from holidays (you then supply the date when this will be).

Another alternative if you hate the idea of losing income when you go away, is to send books to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Here, Amazon will post any orders to your customers on your behalf using their FBA programme.

We are presently on vacation in France, having booked a four-week holiday. We don’t have access to the Internet in our holiday cottage, except through local Internet cafe a few miles way in the nearest town – which is not ideal, although we do have our phone, which means we can keep in contact with customers, family and friends.

So we have a couple of ways to ensure that income continues to be generated whilst we’re away: through Amazon’s FBA programme and via messages on eBay.

On my eBay listings, there’s a note saying when we’ll be back and able to post bought items out. Orders are mounting up, ready to be dispatched when we return, and income still accrues in PayPal.

Though you are depending on buyers reading the message, it is prominently placed, and despite this, a couple of buyers have asked where their item is, as it has not arrived.

After informing the customer of their failure to read the upfront message on the listing, and when the item will be sent out, so far it’s gone well.

If you are aware of my programme Copy Paste Copy (CPP), you will be happy to know that by using this, you would be able to continue to generate income even if you are on vacation overseas, as this is a means of making an income purely from the Internet.

CPP is 100 % Internet-based: you don’t handle anything; the programme works by selling on one online site, and using another online site to fulfil your orders.

You don’t do any further work: you don’t go to the Post Office, store books or handle anything. Others do the actual work for you, once you have placed the fulfilling order.

If you do not mind spending time doing some work on holiday, then CPP is definitely for you – as long as your accommodation has Internet access, of course.

Anyway, I am now going back to the pool to relax, read my fiction books and ensure my batteries are fully charged for when I return to Wales.


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