Bah humbug! Here are my top irritants about online selling…

By Sharon Fussell, December 24, 2015

Most customers are great, but there are a few irritating ones…
I have to admit I love having an online business. It’s made such a difference to me to not have to go out of the house to go to work.

I love not having an employer dictating my hours and attendance and, most of all, I love choosing what time and for how long I work.

That said, I do find some things irritating to say the least. On the whole, most customers are great, but there are times when one to two buyers can be frustrating.

Here are some of my top irritants within my day-to-day online business. Some things go with the territory of any type of business and when interacting with customers it’s all part of the game, but it can still be annoying…

Customers that accidentally leave bad feedback, despite the fact that they have had a great experience: they have just made an error when choosing a rating.

Customers who do not reply/respond to email.

Customers who feel aggravated with their transaction, but don’t get in contact to give any chance of redeeming the situation, and opt to leave bad feedback.

Customers who rant and rave about an issue – despite the fact that they have made an error, then do not apologise once you have politely pointed out their error.

Customers that are cross because you have sent a used book when they wanted a new copy, regardless of the fact they ordered a used copy in the first place.

Customers who demand to cancel an order when it has already been shipped and is on the way to them.

Customers who blame the seller when an item does not arrive: whilst the buck stops with the seller, it’s the delivery company at fault!

Luckily, as I said, most customers are really great and will be polite when they make an enquiry: they recognise that some items do go AWOL in the post; they recognise that mistakes happen and it’s how they are rectified that’s important – which is why I love this feedback below…

It was left by a customer who could have been very ungracious over an error made on my part: ‘Although the wrong book was sent, they immediately rectified and sent the correct book out within 24 hrs. I judge companies on what they do when things go wrong, and they handled the situation really well, even telling me to not worry about sending the wrong book back and to donate it to a charity shop. Well done.
So on that note, have a lovely Christmas and I’ll see you in the New Year.

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