4 reasons customers might leave negative feedback…

By Sharon Fussell, November 19, 2015

The largest bone of contention for me when selling on Amazon is feedback controversy.

Below are some of the most likely reasons why customers leave adverse feedback…

1. Condition

When selling used items, condition is subjective: something you may consider to be a certain standard your customers may not agree with.

2. Price

When a customer buys a product they know the exact cost upfront before they pay, but may still complain about the price upon receipt.

If this happens, ask them to return the item if they are unhappy. Or in some circumstances you may want to offer a partial refund.

Should a buyer leave feedback and mention prices or complain about your prices, you can ask Amazon to remove the feedback. They usually do, because they consider this type of comment to be personal and not reflective of actual costs.

3. Non or late-arrival

This is difficult because you are reliant on postage companies to deliver your orders. It’s always best to send out a replacement item or give a refund when a customer claims they have not received their goods.

No matter how annoying it is, or even if you think the customer is ‘pulling a fast one’, customers are very well covered through Amazon’s A to Z Guarantee system. Even if you refuse to issue a refund, Amazon will automatically issue one after a short period of time, taking money from your account.

4. Communication

When customers contact you, it’s always best to reply within 24 hours. Many buyers feel aggrieved if communication is poor.

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