Why you should be selling children’s books…

By Sharon Fussell, October 22, 2015

A genre of book you should not be afraid to sell is children’s books: they are very much in-demand, especially at Christmas time.

It has to be said that most children’s books sell for little money: usually 1p plus £2.80 – a total of £2.81 before Amazon’s fees.

If you are not a Pro-Merchant seller, it’s probably best not to try and compete in selling low-value books.

If you are a Pro-Merchant seller, it is possible to make profits if you follow this plan:

  • Buy from charity shops, car boot sales, and school and church fetes. Why? They are usually sold very cheap and as ever, the lower the cost the better your profits.
  • Weigh books before listing: ensure it weighs less than 500g. This action ensures you receive some profit.
  • Make sure each book will fit easily into large letter type packing. This is because some children’s books are light in weight but are too large to be sent as a large letter. Instead you’ll have to send it as a packet and this increases costs considerably.
  • It’s always best to ensure the condition of children’s products: they should at the very least be in the very good to like new category; even better if they are actually new copies. Used books often attract defects, which might attract complaints from buyers.

10 defects to look for before listing:

  • previous owners’ names
  • rips
  • scribbles
  • markings
  • stickers e.g. charity shop price labels
  • dirty marks
  • ripped covers
  • sticky covers
  • missing CDs
  • missing pieces/pages

Books to look out for include:

  • Popular current children’s TV shows
  • Past children’s TV shows (e.g Rainbow)
  • Classic stories e.g. My Naughty Little Sister

Also look for jigsaw/ puzzles, DVDs and CDs.

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Until next week!


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