New shipping times changes for Pro Merchant Sellers on Amazon

By Sharon Fussell, February 5, 2015


In the business of online selling, one of the most concerning issues is the speed of delivery to customers.To be fair, most buyers are very patient in regards to delivery time, but there are some buyers that want items to arrive before they even order it!

New shipping times changes for Pro Merchant Sellers on Amazon

New shipping times
changes for Pro Merchant
Sellers on Amazon

It’s to this end that Amazon has made changes to expected shipping time. From 2 March 2015, shipping transit times will be updated for professional sellers in all categories.

Amazon says: ‘To provide improved accuracy in estimated delivery times for buyers, Amazon is adjusting estimates to match the average transit times of the major shipping carriers in the UK for domestic and international deliveries.’For delivery within the UK, Standard Shipping changes are as follows: the current shipping transit time is 3–12 days; the new shipping transit time has been shortened to 3–5 days.

So in relation to books and other media, customers expect orders to arrive within 3–5 working days (Amazon they don’t state it but I presume they mean working days).

To be fair, even using second class postage, most items do arrive within 5 working days. However, it’s my guess that the big companies such as World of Books will be most affected by this change.

The sheer volume of books they send out must mean that presumably the speed of dispatching and delivery via their couriers will have to be amended in order to meet the new targets. Otherwise the amount of complaints will surely increase.As always, I do advise that items are sent out as soon as possible after receiving the order: customers do like to receive their goods as soon as possible, and they are usually grateful if items arrive before the quoted delivery time.

And these changes only apply to professional sellers: those that subscribe as a Pro Merchant Sellers.

Of course, if you are operating Copy Paste Profit (CPP) you will find the quicker delivery times are be more in tune with eBay’s shipping times, which is an advantage.If you are not familiar with CPP, it is my current course on how to sell books online – only you don’t have to handle any stock; you don’t have to post it; you don’t have to shell out possibly hundreds of pounds setting up your new venture; you only buy if you sell, and customers pay you first!

You then use this payment to fufil the order and pocket the difference between the sale price and the buying price. This is all from the comfort of your home: no need to leave home or venture into the cold. You can operate CPP at a time to suit your lifestyle around current commitments. No need to give up the day job!

Also, you do not need any previous experience: I show what to do step by step, you just copy me.

I am on tap to assist with any queries via email, so if you fancy increasing income from home, why not take a look at Copy Paste Profit.


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