Some key ways to profit from Amazon…

By Sharon Fussell, November 13, 2014

Some of the great things about using sites such as Amazon for a home business include the following:
  • easy to start
  • low cost or even free start up
  • requires no previous experience or knowledge
  • everyone can do it
  • you can do work in your spare time
  • you have no bosses
  • start small and build
  • take advantage of other sellers’ experience

    Some key ways to profit from Amazon...

    Some key ways to
    profit from Amazon…

If you have always wanted to sell online but don’t have a product in mind, selling used books/media products is ideal.

They are usually plentiful and low-cost. You can even start with unwanted books/media from around your home.

Amazon allows you to begin to sell ‘small’ so you can build your business. It’s free to register and you only pay fees and commissions once you sell a product.

In fact, when I began selling on Amazon nearly ten years ago, I began just like this, using my own unwanted books from my shelves.

Once you start selling 40 items per month you can subscribe to become a Pro Merchant Seller, which costs just under £30 per month. You then save on fees and commissions to offset this charge. For every item from the 40th onwards, you save money.

It’s possible to get hold of used media quite easily: buying in bulk from charity shops, for instance. Many charity shops will allow you to purchase their unsold stock for pennies. I often buy 100s of books for less than £30.

You can even purchase a ‘ready-made’ business, like this one:

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for agreeing to place my ad in your ezine…

Profitable Amazon Book Business For Sale

My wife and I will be moving abroad in the near future. To raise additional funds to complete the restoration of our home abroad, we’ve decided to sell our profitable book business, which currently enjoys a 100% positive feedback rating.

As we will continue to manage the business on behalf of the new owner, this is a rare opportunity for you to own a business which will continue to generate ongoing profits for you without you lifting a finger.

As of 10 November, the business is currently made up of 3,428 listed books on Amazon, and approximately 1,000 unlisted very good quality non-fiction books.

The value of the listed books currently stands at £27,125.57.

The value of the unlisted books is approximately £8,500, and will be professionally listed by us on behalf of the new owner…

Included within the sale of our business will be something very special, which will only be disclosed to individuals who show a serious interest in our business.

If you’re seriously interested, and would like to discuss this opportunity with me, please send me an email. I will then send you further information.

If you’d like me to telephone you to discuss this further, please include your number within your email.

My email address is [email protected].

Thanks, Tony

If this opportunity appeals, then do please contact Tony directly.

Of course, I am unable to personally endorse this business opportunity; I am just informing you of its availability.

You might prefer to buy a pallet of goods and have them delivered to your door.

To do this, go to sites such as eBay, or Google ‘pallets of goods’ and see what comes up. When I did this recently, I discovered plenty of offers for used and new media goods, with price tags as low as £10. Of course, I cannot vouch for the quality of buying in this way.

However, the beauty of buying used media is that if it does turn out to only have low re-sell value or even no good at all – it’s unlikely you will ‘lose your shirt’ trying it out.

In most cases it might only take one or two sales from a batch of items to regain your outlay.

If you like the idea of selling books and media but really do not want to buy, store or post products, then you may prefer to explore my system Copy Paste Profit (CPP).

Using this system you will not handle a single product, you work from home and it is 100% online.

You can operate your business from the comfort of your front room, or your sofa if you prefer. It’s a low-cost start-up and is simple to get up and running with my step-by-step instructions.

Take a look at my CPP system here.



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