How to improve your Amazon seller rating

By Sharon Fussell, January 24, 2013

You may have noticed Amazon has introduced a new seller rating system – a data-driven system where every order counts towards your rating…

At present this rating is not displayed to customers – however, I guess it soon will be.

What exactly does this mean?

In some cases it could probably help buyers distinguish between good sellers and bad, but overall the feedback system already does this…

So, what is Amazon measuring to create a rating that demonstrates if you are a good seller or bad?

It is a good idea to weed out those sellers which upset their customers on a regular basis, but as we know sometimes, cancelled orders or mistakes do happen – that’s life – and no matter what you do there’s always someone with unrealistic expectations about the condition of product they have purchased who leaves adverse feedback.

What tips, then, do Amazon have for creating ‘happy buyers’, good customer service and encouraging repeat buyers?

Basically you need to:

  • Make sure your products are as described
  • Always try and have the items you advertise in stock
  • Post quickly – within the 2 business day window Amazon require
  • Use suitable packaging
  • Respond to buyers’ emails within 24 hours
  • Put things right if you do make a mistake

See their full suggestions here: Improve your seller rating

These things are all within your control as a seller!

No matter how you perform there are things that happen that are beyond your control (delivery times and performance by Royal Mail, customer expectations, incorrect orders etc. etc.).

So, do your best, be honest and polite with customers at all times and you’ll be just fine.


What do you think?

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