Hints and tips for selling children’s books on Amazon

By Sharon Fussell, October 13, 2011

One genre of books that can be a real minefield is children’s books. However, rest assured, selling children’s books on Amazon can extremely profitable…

At one time I really was not bothered with buying these books to resell – it just seemed too much bother to sit and list books that I perceived to have low profitability.

Now, I know different and always take the time to peruse any bookcase laden with children’s books (typically mismatching in size and colour!)

But! I would never advocate buying any old children’s book – some are just not worth the effort, especially in the case of larger heavier books where the postage costs end up negating your overall profits.

Practical considerations when selling children’s books on Amazon

I would say that Amazon sales rankings are quite beneficial when deciding to list children’s books. I tend not to bother listing a copy if I can see there is little or no demand for that particular title.

When buying children’s books to resell condition is King. Personally I don’t bother with books with any sort of major defect (such as names inscribed inside), after all many children’s books are bought by family members for Christmas and birthday gifts and little ‘Jane or Harry’ will not be pleased to see that little ‘Tom or Laura’ pre-owned their book!

Take special interest in old-fashioned books such as those by Enid Blyton, books about ballet and horses from past generations; many parents that enjoyed these books when they were little and will like the idea of their own children enjoying the same books.

5 great reasons to buy children’s books to resell

  1. Usually cheaper to buy
  2. Big demand for popular children’s books
  3. Usually freely available
  4. Can be lighter to post
  5. Boxed Sets can fetch wonderful profits

Children’s Books to Avoid

  • Books sold in packs from book clubs, e.g. Walt Disney film tie-in hardbacks
  • Books with scribbling inside
  • Gift inscriptions inside
  • Previous owners name written neatly (or otherwise) on the page with the ‘this book belongs to label’!
  • Treasure stories printed by Ted Smart, Hamlyn, Marks and Spencer or any other book clubs
  • General children’s stories
  • ‘High School Musical’ or books of that ilk
  • Scruffy covers, severe creasing or damage: as a general rule, if I cannot list as ‘very good’ or better I do not pick them up.

Children’s Books to Choose

Here are some writers and genres I pick up as often as I can:


  • Stories about vampires or ghosts
  • Horrible histories/science/geography
  • Work books for school subjects

I especially look for the following writers as I know their books just fly off the shelves:

Enid Blyton (even old copies from the 1970s tend to sell well)

Michael Morpurgo, particularly:

  • Private and Peaceful
  • War Horse
  • Billy The Kid
  • Cool
  • The Butterfly Lion
  • Shadow

Jeff Kinney, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter (any from this series)

Roald Dahl, (any titles, but look out for poetry books such as Revolting Rhymes as these often sell at a premium)

I also look for baby books in very good condition such as Usborne Books and Nick Butterworth-very popular and much in demand

And don’t forget to look for books with characters from TV e.g. Spot the Dog, Fire Man Sam, Charlie and Lola etc.

Not all children’s books will fetch high prices but some are so light to post they will still bring in a profit.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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