Here’s a heart-warming Amazon success story…

By Sharon Fussell, November 27, 2013

This week, I’d like to share with you a book-selling-on-Amazon success story.

For the past few weeks I have been mentoring a newfound friend, who, until recently, owned a little bricks and mortar bookshop.

She found it a challenge and too constraining on her time to sit in the shop for several hours a day, hoping for a sale.

The shop is situated by a busy bus stop in a small town, so she does have frequent footfall; however, it’s usually to have a gossip whilst waiting for the bus to arrive, or get out of the cold and rain.

Of course, she did make a few sales due to this activity, but considering her eclectic stock of books, it’s no wonder sales were hard to come by – as they include topics such as spirituality by very obscure writers.

Most of the topics/genre are perfect for Amazon – obscure and niche by their very nature will be sought after.

Her business was soon to change…

She asked if I would assist her to convert her rather large stock of books over to Amazon. I was happy to assist her, and she has indeed made quite a few sales to date.

I am sure she will not mind me saying her age: I feel at 64 she has done so well, despite only having very basic computer skills.

Learning a new skill is often daunting I know, but she has shown great fortitude.

I really do admire her for having a go and making a start…
Having made the decision to convert her stock online, she just closed her shop and is using the space to list and store her books.

She has devised a method to retrieve her books quickly and easily, after I’d explained that if she did not do this, it could get very difficult with the more books she lists.

She listened to my advice, and I have to say, her recording method is very elaborate, but efficient.

At first, she was contacting me quite often for advice, but now she rarely does so, as she has obviously got more expert at listing books.

She was so excited when she made her first few sales, though – she texted me after the first sale, somewhat in a panic, asking: ‘I have made a sale: what do I do now?’

Luckily, she has a Post Office across the street, so it’s very easy for her to package up her sold books and post them.

I have not actually been to her shop, but have promised to visit soon. She is such a busy lady, always with several projects on the go – including writing a biography, which is currently selling on Amazon with amazing sales figures.

She is now considering moving from her current home/shop combined, and if she does, she wants to sell her books using FBA: that way she can move into a small place and will not have to consider storing her books.

I will, of course, assist with the transition: she is very pleased with her progress to date and told me I had changed her life. Her shop was getting her down, and she had no idea that she could list her used books on Amazon.

I say: ‘Well done her.’


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