Find out which products are best to list in the pre-Christmas build-up…

By Sharon Fussell, November 20, 2014

Find out which products are best to list in the pre-Christmas build-up...

Find out which products are best
to list in the pre-Christmas build-up…

Brrr! It’s now beginning to feel cold and the nights are really drawing in, and you can’t help but be aware that Christmas is getting closer – just look at the shops or turn on the TV.

It’s so important to be prepared at this time of year, because it can obviously be a great opportunity to make money.

I have noted that many of my sales already have been Christmas-related topics, many of which I bought in the year and deliberately held back from listing until a few weeks ago.

It is always worth looking out for good quality books that could be suitable to give as gifts.

Watch out for the following defects though:

•    Gift inscriptions from pervious owner.
•    No missing CDs or DVDs in the book (if it states there should be one enclosed).
•    Ensure covers are not damaged/creased in any way.

Also always be aware of weights and sizes of books: it’s a help that Royal Mail have reduced some of their small parcel rates and increased the size of eligibility. Take advantage by listing some of those heavy cookery books and craft books that sell well this time of year. Ensure they are less than 2kg to take advantage of Royal Mail’s special offer of £2.80 instead of £3.80.

Here are a few titles that will sell well not just in the approach to the festive season, but time and time again. They’re all worth looking out for throughout the year, deliberately to list at Christmas time.

•    Letters from Father Christmas (paperback).
•    Anything by J. R. R. Tolkien.
•    The Legend of the Christmas Stocking: An Inspirational Story of a Wish Come True (board book) – Rick Osborne (author) and Jim Griffin (illustrator).
•    The Night Before Christmas Pop Up Book (hardcover) Lee Krutop (author).

Also look for popular cookery books:

•    Delia’s Happy Christmas by Delia Smith
•    Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book: Over 200 Classic Recipes

Additionally, new items that are still wrapped in cellophane tend to sell well too:

•    Party board games.
•    Drinking games.
•    Children’s toys and games.
•    DVDs and CDs.

I am always on the look out for niche titles in all subjects, but craft titles can be little money spinners too.

And one last thing to bear in mind before I leave you this week is that many people find it difficult to buy for male family members and friends – so any useful titles you see that could fit this particular bill are well worth listing.

Until next time.


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