Don’t let admin stop you from selling on Amazon…

By Sharon Fussell, October 8, 2015

I suspect by now, if you are an existing seller on Amazon, you have received the request to complete the Seller Verification programme.

About this Amazon says: ‘In accordance with EU regulations, Amazon Payments Europe requires sellers to provide information about themselves and their business so they can begin or continue to sell on Amazon and receive the proceeds of their transactions on Amazon EU Marketplaces.’

If you are not sure what is involved, you are not alone. Many sellers, new and established, have had various issues with the process.

If you are a seller that does not have a business and just sells a few items – not business-related, just items belonging to you – Amazon appear to ensure you jump through hoops to remain able to sell using their market place.

One great source of problem solving solutions is to go to the Seller Forum: there are a string of threads relating to Seller Verification. You can also go to Amazon seller help and read the FAQ, or contact their very responsive customer services team. They want you to succeed; you make them money after all.

If you have been selling on Amazon, but have stopped due to the Seller Verification programme, don’t be put off: it’s just a question of completing the online form on your Seller Account.
Providing your information to Amazon Payments Europe

To provide the required information, sign in to Seller Central, select the Settings tab, click Account Info and then click Edit in each section that is highlighted in red.

That’s it: Amazon will contact you if any additional information is required.

If you’re still unsure, help is available throughout the process. Don’t let a bit of admin get in the way of making money on Amazon…

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