How to create your own listings on Amazon

By Sharon Fussell, November 6, 2013

Have you found, on occasion, that the book or other media product you want to list on Amazon is not on their system?

You input the ISBN or write in the title and search, but Amazon informs you that the item you are looking for is not there.

It is frustrating I know, but fear not, because you can list your book yourself and include it in Amazon’s catalogue.

The process does take around 20 minutes but it’s worth it because: you don’t have to discard the book; and you can place your own price on the book.

To list your own item go to your Seller Account and choose the link ‘add a product’.

First, choose ‘media’, then choose ‘books’.

There are certain fields that are obligatory to input, such as title, writer, and cover type.

You can add the ISBN that is written on the book, or if there isn’t one, tick the box ‘no ISBN’. Amazon produce a unique number for that item for you.

You want customers to find your product, so put as much information as you can, using information available on the book…

  • writer full name
  • illustrator,
  • additional foreword contributors
  • publishing date
  • publisher

All of the main sections to fill in relate to key search terms, so it’s best to fill in as many details as possible.

Additionally, any subject relating to your book are used as key words…

People like to see what they’re buying, and because you’re creating a new listing there’ll be no pictures – unless you put them in yourself. Therefore it’s always a good idea to take a few good photos and upload them.

You should also write a brief description, which you can usually find on the back cover or fly leaf.

I often sell self-listed books, usually for a hefty profit because there isn’t any competition. I usually concentrate on niche books that I feel will be wanted by someone somewhere.

Books I have self-listed and sold successfully include:

  • books in foreign languages
  • books with photographs of places, ie. towns, cities, countries.
  • study books
  • self-published books

There are hundreds of thousands of books available on Amazon: I have no idea why some get missed. I guess that’s why Amazon enable you to self-list items.

Don’t be tempted to list an item already on the system in the hope you can make a fresh selling page to thwart low pricing: Amazon just merge books together or pick up the fact you are trying to duplicate and won’t allow you to complete the listing.

That’s all from me this week…

Don’t forget to keep a look out for my new exciting product – out soon!


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