What are Amazon currently advising?

By Sharon Fussell, November 21, 2013

Amazon adviceIf you want to keep up to date on Amazon’s policy changes and offers, or if you just want to remain informed on any of Amazon’s upcoming events, go to your Seller Account and view the ‘Headlines’ section.

You can’t miss it: it’s in a prominent position in the middle of the page, providing a bulletin board for you to view at will.

So what are the current changes or information Amazon are advising you about?

Again, just like past years, Amazon are giving Christmas tips to ensure you give the best service you can during what is the biggest selling period of the year.

Let’s look at prices…

One great way of ensuring your sales grow at any time of year is to refresh and update your prices.

It’s certainly worth proactively managing your inventory around this time of year.

Amazon say: ‘As your orders start to build up during the festive period, make sure you can keep up with the demand by following a few good practices. Identify which of your products are likely to be your big sellers for Christmas and make sure you have enough stock available.

‘Pay very careful attention when matching your items to existing product detail pages in our catalogue. Correct matching helps to optimise your buyers’ Christmas shopping experience by ensuring that they receive exactly the product they are expecting.’

Amazon are also currently advising you to consider their Pro Merchant programme…

Save money – become a pro merchant seller!

If you are selling over 40 items a month, you will save money by subscribing to Amazon’s Pro Merchant programme. You will pay less fees and commission per order.

Not a Pro Merchant? Visit Amazon’s Pro Merchant Subscription FAQ to learn the many benefits of this service.

One great advantage to owning a Pro Merchant subscription is to have the ability of adding new products to Amazon’s catalogue.


Because you are able to self-list items on Amazon’s system, and if you create a new product page, then for a period of time at least, you will be the only seller with that particular product.

Thus you will not be driven to follow the leader and suffer the associated competition, but can ask a price for a product that gives you a profit.

New products to self-list

Many buyers are looking for inexpensive gifts. So the best way to make money from this is to find quality gift products that are not currently sold on Amazon!

Yes, I did say that right: not being sold on Amazon.

One way to make some money is to go to your local trade warehouse or to look for bulk offers on eBay – think Christmas: think gifts!

Don’t forget to take actual postage cost into consideration when you make your price offer.

Recently, we discussed how to add a product to Amazon’s catalogue, but if you have forgotten or are still unsure, Amazon have included this information within their Christmas tips…

Create effective product detail pages

Amazon say: ‘If you have a Pro Merchant subscription, you can create product detail pages for products that do not already exist on our website. Before you create a page, read our Create a Product Detail Page help topic to find out more about what information influences buying decisions.’

WARNING – Watch out for dodgy emails!!

Unexpected email from Amazon? If you received an e-mail regarding the cancellation of an order you don’t recognise, please check Your Orders in Your Account.

If you can’t find a matching order, the email you received wasn’t from Amazon. They recommend that you delete the e-mail: there’s no need to report these particular emails to Amazon, as they state they’ll already are investigating the matter.

That’s all until next week!


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